Why am I doing this trip?


The city of Vancouver has grown its cycling mode split through infrastructure implementation for 1.2% (cycling to work) to 3.3% in 1996 and 4.4% in 2001 according to Census Canada. The City has set an objective of 10% by 2010 and then growing to the level of cycling active cities in Europe (20%).

While cycling has grown, it has done it slowly. To get to the next step much more than implementing old design that got this City to the current level over a long time period (16 years) is required.

New infrastructure and network designs will be needed to entice motorists to leave their cars at home and cycling instead or combine cycling with transit.

Marketing of Cycling for Transportation will be required.

  • Learn from others and open one’s mind
• Explore new ideas an thinking on
• Cycling infrastructure design
• Rail trails
• Marketing of cycling for transportation to motorists
• See what cycling infrastructures ad designs other jurisdictions, from small villages to metropolitans to provinces / states, have implemented.