Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin and then on to Chicago.

Now, on the way home with stops for cycling in Santa Fe, Sacramento and the wine country, and then Seattle. From there by bicycle back home.

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
from Nanaimo to Vancouver, BC
Date: 2006-10-12
Distance: 34 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 1.94 Hours
Average Speed: 17,64 kph
  Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver - 5,659 Kilometres  

Thoughts for the Day



When on the road one tends to forget the day of the week, the date of the month, and also which season one is in. Now it is almost mid-October so one should not be surprised that it is still dark at 7:00 am, that it gets dark just after 6:00 pm or that the morning can be very cold.

  Time for the long gloves, wind pants, and an extra jacket layer for the short ride through downtown Nanaimo and to the docks in Departure Bay. Once there, waiting by the loading ramp, protected from any potential wind, and with the sun now shining down, it was quite comfortable admiring Departure Bay ringed by hills.

A non-eventful boarding on to the ferry then a calm crossing of the Georgia Strait. The sun shining down. Low hanging fog just past the ferry. The rumbling of the engines. Something shaking in symphony with the boat’s vibrating engine.

    The announcement came that the ships horn will be blowing every 2 minutes as the fog bank is entered.

    Now, the first whistle blows and the sun is being faded out by the fog.

    As the loading doors of the ferry opened as the ship was entering the port at Horseshoe Bay, I was reminded haw scenic this bay is. Shear rock walls rise from the waters with coniferous trees perched wherever there is enough room.  
From Horseshoe Bay, the climb, long, steep up the side of the mountain. Then a bit of roller coaster followed by a long descend until it is time to leave the Upper Level Highway and cycle over the Lions Gate Bridge. A short construction section made the ride a bit uncomfortable as that massively big diesel truck was roaring down a steep grade with no place to pass. Just had to put the head down and increase speed as best as I could until the shoulders came back. From there, the short climb up to Prospect Point followed by a long descend into English Bay and the bike path.


Then False Creek is approached. Time to stop across from Granville Market, and to admire the changing colours on the leaves, the urban jungle, the blue sky, the rippling waters, and the birds flying.


    Time to stop and take out the apartment keys and then descend into the lower parking lot level and the locker.

    The bike brakes sure need to be desperately adjusted.

  I am home.


Cycling Facilities



Bikes on Ferry

Even the 6:30 am ferry from Horseshoe Bay on a fall day had a couple of cyclists on. One came with his bike and the other had it parked on this side.

There is just a small bike rack at the Departure Bay terminal loading area.