Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
Cycling in Santa Fe and South
Date: 2006-09-25
Distance: 76 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 3.78 Hours
Average Speed: 20.51 kph
  Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver - 4,813 Kilometres  

Thoughts for the Day



Today, the plan was to cycle a bit south of the city. A bit of cycling through wooded hills being invaded through urban sprawl then followed by open plains.

Another good day for cycling with sun beaming down and the temperature just a bit warmer. It is interesting to note the weather patterns here. Cycling along the Santa Fe Trail as it weaves its way along the eastern mountain range also provided some protection from the winds. As I wound my way down to the plateau at the foot of Santa Fe the wind effect increased and got quit brisk.

Yellow, fall leaves A hint of fall coming  


It was a day of climbing and then followed by relatively flat cycling to a hamlet by the name of Galisteo. Houses are collected in a few mature treed blocks. The houses were all of the adobe style contained within pink concrete walls. At the intersection of two county roads stands a Catholic church.

I was hoping to continue on a county road westward and then return to Santa Fe. Checked with a local telephone repair person to find out that only part of the road was paved. So, as I was not interested in travelling over a dirt road, it was time to retrace the ride back. Not a problem as it was just a pleasant day.

Then, a walk though downtown followed by a Mexican dinner at a café.

    Tomorrow will be a ride to the train station at Lamy. Time to leave for Sacramento.

    I do enjoy this area and glad to have the opportunity to return. The mountains, the open spaces, the scrub trees, the adobe houses built within the trees, the treed adobed city, the shops, the pink colour on the houses and the soil, the clean, thin air all make this an enjoyable place to be.

  Wireless Service

    With all the wonders of the world that wireless service is supposed to provide to mobility, the reality is a bit different down here in the US. A year ago there was not much problem. One could check into a motel. Crank up the computer, connect to the Internet, do ones e-mail using MS software, and do Netmeeting (video conferencing). Reliable, dependable was the process.

  But not any more. Guess the lawyers got to the service providers and now the system is degraded. If one wants to use MS Outlook for e-mail, then one has to ask the front desk for the service provider’s name. If they know the name or have the support desk telephone number then one can proceed. In order to sent e-mail form Outlook one needs to know the service provider’s SMTP address. This is a chore to get. Sometimes the internet service desk can provide the address or sometimes they will refuse to provide. Sometimes one can look up that information on their Internet web site if one has enough patience. Sometimes one cannot. So, it was a real pleasure to check into the Travelodge in Santa Fe where in the room is a card with the information on. Gracia. Fantastic.

    Video conferencing is an issue now. Sometimes the service desk of the internet provider knows what is needed. Frequently they do not. Then, to get them to do something is another matter. All it means is for them to open up a port for the duration of the motel stay. Maybe MS could get the matter resolved so that it is not required. Maybe the service providers could take their lawyers on a one-way fishing trip and get back to satisfying customers’ needs and wants like a customer-oriented company does.

    Wireless service in motels is not dependable. Sometimes the motel does not have enough repeater units to provide a consistent strong signal. Sometimes, motels do not service all the rooms with wireless internet. Sometimes the motel’s credit card swiper cuts the internet service through the dual line usage and the service is cut off. Sometimes the signal strength is so poor that the service is cut every few minutes. Now this is supposed to be the country of leadership, of innovation, of technical forerunners. So where is it with the internet service? Now, do not get me started on the telephone system quality in the US or the lack of it.


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