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from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
from Chicago, IL to Santa Fe, NM
Date: 2006-09-18


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50 Days on the Road

Frustrating. Sitting here in Chicago’s Union Station waiting for the train to be boarded. Unfortunately, none of the wireless services working in this room will let me on. Most are secured and the only one that is not wants user name and password. Would have though that by now Amtrak would have wireless services available for its customers.



A quiet morning. Left the motel at 9:30 am and came downtown. Did some walking though downtown and uptown before getting here. Did find a nice yuppie, organic supermarket. They did have an interesting deli counter.



Today’s sojourn was to just look at the city, not anything in particular. Chicago is getting rejuvenated. It is clean without any garbage around. The buildings have a real variety of exteriors and colours. The city’s downtown does have a sterile look to it, except for Michigan Avenue. It is a more friendly uptown where the buildings are not as tall nor the streets so wide. There, under the mature trees restaurants flourish. Narrower streets make the place more intimate.



Guess someday, someone will have a brainwave that the downtown streets should be humanized. Parking will be removed. Only one traffic lane in each direction will be left. There will be cycling lanes on each road, wider sidewalks, and more green space. Then the exterior of these large buildings will be redone with a new street face that is more personal and less uniform. Is that not what is required on most downtown streets. Toronto on Yonge St for a block at the Eaton Centre has gone through a bit of such a conversion. Others will follow someday.


  Fall is settling in here as well. While still a warm day at 21 degree Celsius, there is an uncertainty if rain and thunderstorms will not take over.  
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Chicago, Illinois