Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
Madison, WI and Surroundings

Date: 2006-09-09
Distance: 75Kilometres
Cycling Time: 3.81 Hours
Average Speed: 19.61 kph
  Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver - 4,006 Kilometres  

Thoughts for the Day




It was a cool day. Do not think that the temperature got above 15 degree Celsius. The sky was overcast. There was wind.

The forecast did call for some thundershowers which did to materialize. It threatened rain a couple of times but beside two drops nothing happened.

  It was time to stretch the legs in preparation for tomorrow sand our departure towards Milwaukee. Into the countryside east of Madison, then south, then west, then north, then east, then south and back to here.

  The route included the hamlets of Hope, McFarland, Lake Kegonsa, Fitchburg, and then back into Madison.

The Capital City Trail was taken westward this time almost back to the Military Ridge State Trail. Then the South West Commuter Path was taken into Downtown. From there the Isthmus Trail and the Lake Loup Trail took me back to the motel.

  A stop at the bike store for air in the tires and a wrench for removing the pedals and then a stop for gelato. It was not quite as good as that back home. Must be the difference between Wisconsin and BC cows.

  It was a good ride. Initially, I wondered what tomorrow was going to be like as the body did no react well to pedalling. I was travelling though moraine hills which produced quite a speed on the decline. After a few of these I was back into it and the cycling felt good. As a result, the route kept getting longer.

    Got lost a few times. Had problems locating my location. Was using two maps which did not make it easy. A man in a van stopped and helped me out. He knew the area but not street names. That is the way it goes. Later on a man in in-line skates pushing a baby stroller stopped. He was more helpful. Along the way I found a good bakery. Needed some energy at that state.


Packed the panniers and out them on the bike. After 8 days here, it feels strange to get ready for the next part of this trip. It will be a cool day.



Cycling Facilities



Madison, Wisconsin


Cycling into Milwaukee

    Cycling into Milwaukee really started in Dodgeville some 200 kilometres to the west. From there, most of the trip was on bike trails with occasional sections on roads. Many of these roads had a low volume of motorized vehicle traffic. Some had paved shoulders. Others did not. Some of the trails were interconnected. Others were not and required some road cycling.

    Today, the trip included the Capital City State Trail, the South West State Trail, and the Isthmus State Trail.


Military Ridge State Trail


Capital City State Trail


Glacial Drumlin State Trail


New Berlin (Greenfield) Recreational Trail


Oak Leaf Trail