Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
from Worthington to Blue Earth, MN
Date: 2006-08-28
Distance: 143 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 6.94 Hours
Average Speed: 20.56 kph
  Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver - 3,327 Kilometres  

Thoughts for the Day



Today was not a stellar cycling day for me. There was no enthusiasm of energy. Something has been bothering me for the last three days. Not sure what. It may have been sinuses. The motel last night may have had too much mould. Maybe the aspirins helped this morning. Despite that, we set off to a cool, cloudy day with cross-winds.

Last night it rained. This morning the rain was to our back and just to the north. Tonight we talked to a couple of motorcyclists that have had nothing but rain for the last two days. So far I have not experienced any on this trip. Hope it stays that way.

  Despite all that, the legs held out for the trip. The wind shifted more in the afternoon towards the north-west or partially to the back allowing for a fast finish to what ended in much a longer day of 143 kilometres than was expected. This should be the longest day before Madison. The rest do the days should be 100 to 110 kilometres.

  The trip was simple in a sense. The hills were short rises. The land was basically flat.

Cycling Facilities  


    The route left Worthington along county road 34 to county road 86. There our progress was stopped when the county road was closed for construction. Fortunately, an alternate road was a few kilometres away. So, we cycled north on County Road 86 to Lakefield, stopped for breakfast, and continued on County Road (CY) 14 that weaves its way to Jackson. After a short piece on highway 71 to County Road 38, along that road, then a left, and a right on to County Road 34 that became CY 26, the CY 16. That road went through Fairmont to Blue Earth.

  For most of the way, the road had excellent surface without paved shoulder. The traffic volume was low enough that this was not a problem for most of the time. A few drivers showed terrible courtesy. A quiet road to cycle on.

    It was noticed that this town does have signed bike routes.