Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
from Gillette to Sundance, WY
Date: 2006-08-18
Distance: 106 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 5.89 Hours
Average Speed: 18.01 kph
  Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver - 2,282 Kilometres  

Thoughts for the Day


  Flat Tire Competition    
  John has now moved forward and expanded his lead. It now stands at 6 to 1. Wait a minute. No, now it is 7 to 1. John is riding on his 28 mm Specialized Armadillos tires while I use 38 mm Schwabbe Sureguards. While others differ, I believe that when touring one should use 38 mm tires or at least 35 mm.

John experienced his 6th flat early this afternoon. I proceeded up a very long grade and waited for him, as I normally do, at the crest of the hill. Well, in this case I waited for him on the down side of the hill out of the wind. I had oiled the chain, ate a banana when a van stopped and the driver let me know that John was on the other side of the hill, at the bottom, fixing his flat. So, I turned around and started to cycle back on the road’s shoulder going against traffic. Whenever a truck came I found it best to slow right down thereby avoiding the truck’s draft. Then a second van stopped to give me the same information. 4 kilometres later I got to John.

  Paranoia is a great thing especially when there have been this many flats. On the second stop to check the tire pressures, it appeared that the rear tire now seems to be lacking some air. So, out with the pump.

Back at the motel it was confirmed that the rear tire had a piece of wire inside the tube.

Go for it, John

  Oil Wells    
There is oil in these hills. Also, there is gas. This area sits on top of cal deposits about 2 metres to 70 metres thick. As we found out tonight from a local, there is also gas within the coal seams. The greedy entities that held the coal rights believed that they also got all the gas emitting from the coal. The courts disagreed so now there is a beehive of activity in drilling for gas within these hills.

  I-90 Warning Signs and Road Closure Gates    
Along the I-90 from Gillette to here there are flashing signs and gates that drop across the highway advising when the highway is closed. It seems that this area is prone to high winds and snowdrifts causing the closure of the I-90.

As we prepared to leave, John was in his short cycling jersey and short cycling pants. As a contrast, I had a cycling jersey on covered by a windproof vest, and then a fleecy. My fingers were covered by lining gloves. To me, the morning started out cold. To John, it was warm. How our bodies react differently to the climate.

  Rolling Hills    
  The day was set up for a 100 kilometres ride. From Gillette, there was a drop of about 100 metres followed by a climb of about 300 metres into Sundance. The road was rolling with very long upsides and downsides. The ride was on a plateau. The scenery transitioned from rangeland to coniferous forested hills when we reached the peak above tree line. After the summit, it transitioned back to farm ad rangeland. Pleasant scenery to travel through.

Cycling Facilities  
    For most parts today, the paved shoulders were in clean condition and of good quality. There were always some sections that needed the winter sands to be cleaned off and some repair be made to the surface.

  I-90 Rumble Strip Placement    
The rumble strip placement with respect to the white edge line in Wyoming has varied. Instead of abutting the white line, today the rumble strip was about 30 cm away. As a consequence, there is less shoulder area available for a cyclist for manoeuvring in avoiding rethread tires, glass, gravel, lumber, dead animals, and other sorts of garbage on the pavement and also avoiding the effects of wind blast from large trucks and buses passing by.


A town of about 1,000 people with streets so ridiculously wide and so little traffic one could walk down the middle without problems. The town is located in a valley between two mountains at an elevation of 1,460 metres above the tree line. Location provides attractive scenery. Supper was in a local tacos restaurant. Not bad was the food. A local event is on this weekend. Tonight it was very poorly attended.


    Cyclists are crowding into the local motels for an MS ride tomorrow.