Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
from Spokane, WA to Post Falls, ID
Date: 2006-08-03
Distance: 43 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 2.81 Hours
Average Speed: 15.45 kph

Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver 817 Kilometres


Thoughts for the Day  

We had a short day in front of us. In some ways it was a ridiculously short day. Just 43 kilometres today. The day started simply and this was fine with us. The opening of a bike store determined departure timing. The front wheel needed some air. John’s front brake needed some attention but he decided to do that himself. While at the store we picked up some useful information on the next 3 days, so that was good.



From the bike store across a parking lot and we were on the Spokane River Centennial Trail, heading eastward. The downtown section of the trail is quite nice. Nestled against townhouses and hugging the river, the path was boarded by landscaping and flowers. People wander along and cycle. The path was well used.



We took our time to get to Post Falls and accomplished that 4 hour or so later. A stop at a mall for lunch almost became a siesta time as the weather was so warm with a soft wind. It was just pleasant sitting outside.



Much time was passed today on the trail talking to people along the way. We came across two who had not toured before but really wanted to. We managed to stop one child in a stroller from crying. Must have been those terrible men with their funny beaked hats on their head.


Now, sitting in a motel looking out on the trail that runs along the property line watching cyclists passing by.

  Tomorrow will be the start of longer cycling days again as we cross Idaho in the next two days and then make our way into Montana. There will be one mountain pass and maybe a small one to climb in the next two days. The crossing should be quite reasonable most of it will be done on a rail trail.

  Not much choice for dinner tonight. We re too lazy to get back on the bikes for a four kilometre cycle to some restaurants or a grocery store. The selection on this interstate highway junction is a family style restaurant, a drive-in, a subway counter attached to a gas station, and the poor food selection of the gas station.  
Cycling Facilities  

Spokane River Centennial Trail


North Idaho Centennial Trail

This 59 kilometres trail that starts on the north-west corner of Spokane at the 9-Mile Dam, then drops down to downtown Spokane and then runs eastwardly to the state line and then further into Idaho and Coeur d’Alene by a further 38 kilometres. This paved trail has some road sections with bike lanes. It is a well used trail.

Today's ride was on the eastern portion of this trail from downtown Spokane.



The eastern section of the trail does, very definitely, appeal to the young, the beginners, and the less physically strengthen cyclists, as well as the racer types. You could describe it as basically flat with any hill climbing limited to 10 to 20 metres vertically with 5% or less grades. Most of the trail was just flat. We saw many children using this section of the trail. In some ways the sections further from Spokane were busier with cyclists than close in.


    For additional details, refer to comments on Spokane River Centennial Trail