Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log

from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of Vancouver, BCGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
from to , WA
Date: 2006-07-31
Distance: 80 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 4.16 Hours
Average Speed: 19.32 kph
  Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver 585 Kilometres  
Thoughts for the Day  
A slow start to the day waiting for the hardware store to open up, not knowing that it actually opened its doors at 7:00 am. John wanted a spare tube and I wanted some Allen keys to be able to lock and take off the rear panniers. I was successful, John was not.  
A cool start to the day with the sun beaming down. It got warmer but not to the degree of the last few days, so cycling was comfortable. The sky had that typical prairie pastel colour. Further north at Lake Chelan a forest fire was raging. Smoke particles drifted down to us. Could feel it in the air and I was not the only one.  
  The ride was pleasant with many hills to climb. They seemed to be in the 100 to 200 metres rise level with a few more. The grades were reasonable allowing the hills to be mounted with the mid-range gear in the front set.  
The road was void of traffic with a motorized vehicle coming along every three or so minutes.  
  The land was semi-arid with some fields being irrigated from the water in the canals. Wheat was getting ready for combining. Some of the land was in fruit. The scrublands did not seem to be used for cattle ranging.  
  Towards the middle of the trip we seemed to have entered the badlands with rock outcrops. Hawks were more evident here. There were no services on the road or shade. For lunch we made use of a partially filled hay storage shed to get out of the sun for a few minutes.  




Odessa is a small town of 2,000 people with grain elevators and the BN&SF main line running through it. The main road (highway #28) running through town was wide, way too wide. The street was deserted and void of people. The benches lining the street were empty safe for two. The buildings seemed to be mainly built with bricks and in clean condition were basically empty. As one person said, the towns along the highway in this area are ghost towns. This town wakes up in September when German Fest celebration are held here drawing in the tourists.


Monday is not a great time to be here and expect to eat in a reasonable restaurant with only one being open along with a coffee place.

Cycling Facilities  
Highway #28 The roads were in good shape with wide or almost wide shoulders until half-way there when the shoulders disappeared. The grades were long and most likely in the 5% climb range.  
  In Ephrata, a town of 7,000 inhabitants, there were painted shoulders for cycling through the town. In Odessa the shoulders disappeared into a wide main street with no centre line.