Cycling Advocates Ride to Pro Walk Pro Bike 2006

Daily Trip Log


from Vancouver B.C. to Madison, Wisconsin

Picture of VancouverGrouse Mountain Vancouver B.C.
Date: 2006-07-26
Distance: 141 Kilometres
Cycling Time: 8.13 Hours
Average Speed: 17.34 KPH

Trip Distance since Leaving Vancouver 141 Kilometres


2006-07-26 From Vancouver, BC to Mount Vernon, Wa
Thoughts for the Day      

Left way early in the morning just to be able to take the short way to the border by cycling up the Kingsway. Certainly no traffic to speak of at 5:00 am. Then into New Westminster and across the Pattullo Bridge, along the bike path on the road shoulder and along King George Highway to White Rock. No significant comments to make other than it was a pleasant ride.


Reached White ROck by 8:00 am after that workout climbing the hill on 16th Ave. Settled into a bus shelter for an hour waiting for John to arrive by bus He got off to early and had to ride the last piece to White Rock. Centre. Found me quite asleep.


From there a ride to the border and then on to Mount Vernon. .

Cycling Facilities Encountered      
  Surrey Two roundabouts on 0 Road and King George and Hwy 99.


  White Rock

Understand why locals wanted bike rakes on community buses. Grade on hill on 16th Ave - significant.

From the Vancouver peninsula along the Kingsway and across Pattullo Bridge took 1.5 hours then another 1.5 hours into White Rock Centre.



Wide bike lanes through downtown.
Cyclist stencil with head and helmet on – versus bike symbol

  Bellingham No facilities downtown
State Rd had bike lane – wide – basically a traffic lane – wide seemed to have been removed to provide cycling lanes which were wide. Ran to Fairhaven
    Some community shuttle buses had bike rack on back. Other buses had 3-bike racks  
  Mont Vernon Newbridge across canal on Burlington Rd S had bike lane on the bridge structure but no lanes on either ends.  
  I-5 Wide paved shoulders for cycling some rumble strip with separation.  
  County Road 242 Into Burlington and Mount Vernon in the rural sections had wide paved shoulders for most parts.