Two Cyclists

traveling from Vancouver B.C. the environmentally friendly way          
            l i n                    


          c       g                      
        y               U                
          C     t          


Today's log - John


Daily Trip Log


Return Trip Map- on the way back to Vancouver

Today's log -- Jack

2006-10-24 Update

P r o   P r o
      o     W a l k   B i k e   o           Ideas        
Riding   t             2 0 0 6         p   Concepts
          Madison, Wisconsin       i           Networking
    On the way               a           Creativity
    Traversing through                                    
My reasons for making the journey to Madison.  

Small Communites


Small Cities

(under 250,000 Population in greater area)

Santa Fe


Davis, Ca




Seattle, WA


Rural Roads in the Countryside

2006-09-24 (under development)

Bike Trails,

Rail Trails


observing and studying local implementation of cycling infrastructure and networks               Why am I doing this trip?    

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What will come out of the trip and conference?

Some observations from Eastern Ontario June 2006 trip

Organizations financially supporting this journey of discovery and renewal for a couple of cycling advocates