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Updated - 2006-10-02



General Impressions - Cycling Facilities Encountered



Davis has the reputation of a bike city. The amount of cyclists that were encountered on the way certainly proofs out this reputation. The university generates a significant amount of cycling. Most of these cyclists in their everyday clothes and shoes, including knee-high boots. Helmets were infrequently seen except on faster speed cyclist with their spandex dress.


  The infrastructure is also conducive. The city has built many bike paths on street shoulders.

  Bike lanes on arterial roads are encountered very frequently. Many are wide enough for two cyclists to cycle side by side. Cyclist rather than bike stencils are used.

  Intersections have been designed to facilitate bike turning in pedestrian refuges with cut outs to allow cyclists to traverse through at traffic lane level. It is not uncommon to see 5 or 10 or so cyclists waiting for a traffic light change.

  Intersections of bike paths tend to have spacious, well configured, and marked roundabouts to facilitate cyclists’ movement.

  Bike paths tend to have lights close together for good visibility during dark periods.

  Businesses seem to recognize the use of bicycles and provide bike racks. Frequently, while some store provide a lot of bike parking, it is still not enough.


The City


Population 64,529

  Cycling Vision

"It is the goal of the City of Davis to create and maintain an integrated system of bikeways. The City recognizes the need to encourage bicycle travel for both transportation and recreation and works to promote bicycle use as a viable, attractive, non-polluting form of transportation and assure safe and convenient access to all areas of the city. "



  Cycling Mode Share

Estimated at 1% to 25%

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Cycling Network

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Cycling Infrastructure Design

  Bike Lanes      

No Parking signs tend to installed next to bike lanes bythe curb.

New roads seem to have bike lanes as part of the project.

Wide bike lanes of 2.5 to 3.5 metres does not appear uncommon in Davis allowing people to cycle side by side.




    Two-Way Bike Lanes on Road – Not Separated    
    Two-Way Bike Lanes on Road – Physically Separated    
    Two-Way Bike Lanes on Road Shoulder – Vertically Not Separated

    Two-Way Bike Lanes on Road Shoulder – Vertically Separated

  Bike Routes      
  Paved Shoulder      
Off-Road Paths or Trails      

 Bike overpass across a road, two rail lines and an interstate highway. Access is straight on and the slope is consistent.


Bike overpasses with slope below 5% and preferably below 3% with straight on approaches will attract more people, families, and young people to cycle, removing a natural barrier to cycling.

  Intersection Design      

Transition though the intersection for both cyclists and pedestrians tend to be at the same elevastion as general traffic. While the pedestrian crosisng is protected by raised curbs, the actual crossing is cut out. This design woudl assist the elderly and wheelchair operators and make them less susceptible to slipping in icy weatehr.


Bike Path on shoulder intersects with road.


Cyclists tend to easily manoever throuh this type of intersection design.

    Signalized - Bike Path and Road    
    Not Signalized    
    Right Turn Traffic Lane and Straight Through Bike Lane

    Left Turn Bike Lane    
  Bike Roundabout    
Cyclist-Activated Traffic Signals   Davis tends to place cyclist activated signal buttons at the curb on many fully signalized intersections providing faster service for cyclists than waiting for the normal signal rotation controlled by the need of car drivers.   
  Pavement Markings      
    Cyclist or Bike Stencil    
    Bike Lane Line Width    
    Bike Lane with Car Parking Adjacent    
  Pavement Colouring      
  Signage   Signage, including destination, direction, information, and warning, was plentiful. The question is whether it is visible enough or can be easily missed when cycling by.  
    Route Signs    
Lime green signs, woithhteir higher visbility under various darkness ad inclement weatehr conditions are frequntly used in this area.  
      Signage - Right Turn Lane and Straight Through Bike Lane  
    Share the Road    
  Bike Parking      
    Post and Ring    
    Bike Racks    
    Bike Lockers    
    Bike Stations    
    Municipal Policy and Strategy, Target    
  Cyclists Amenities      
Security - Call Boxes California has a likening for solar powered call boxes in remote and not so remote areas. Call boxes are also used along trails prooviding a bit of more security fro the more timid cyclists. Help can be called for bike breakdows or for more serious security issues.  
    End of Trip Facilities    
    Trip Facilities    
Cycling Infrastructure Design
Standards and Directions
Cycling and Transit        
  Cycling Mode Share - Transit Ridership      
  Cycling Mode Share - Rapid Transit Station Access      
  Targets – Cycling and Transit Usage      
  Bus and Bikes      
  Bike Racks Bus Program  City buses do not have bike racks while county buses do. They seem to be reasonably utilized.  
    Bus Stops Access and Bike Parking    
  Streetcars and Bikes      
  Rapid Transit and Bikes      
    Rapid Transit Stops Access and Bike Parking    
Commuter Transit and Bikes - Regional      

For commuter trains, each car has one door for cyclists to take their bikes into the car.


Amtrak advertises heavily the bike and train commuting option.

  Rapid Transit Stops Access and Bike Parking

 At Davis, the main method of parking bikes is bike racks. The supply of bike racks does not meet the demand by a long shot. Bikes are parked anywhere around the station where they can be secured.


  Dependable, secure, and always available bike parking is important in promoting combined bike and rail intermodal trips.  
  Trains – Inter-Regional      
  Cycling Friendly Transit Stops      
  Home or Work to Station Collector System

Marketing of Cycling        
  Target Customers      
  Marketing Plan      
  Intermodal Commuting      
  Communications with Cyclists      
  Education and Safety      

Cycling Contribution to the Economy

  Cycling and the Local Economy


Retail and Hospitality Services

Bikes are made available for customers of the motel.


    Touring Cyclists Contributions    
  Contribution to Bicycle Industry      
Opportunities for Improvement

  Maintenance The bike lane lines need either to be cleaned or repainted.