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Capital City State Trail

Madison, Wisconsin


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Updated - 2006-09-03  
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    This paved trail is seamlessly connected to the Military Ridge State Park Trail, although some signage indicating the end of one trail and the passage between would have been really helpful. We found that some Madison cyclists did not know of the linking trail.

    With good asphalt surface the trail meanders its way to downtown Madison through ravines left to nature. While it may be argued that this is not an effective commuting route due to the wanderings, it does allow connecting to downtown without the noise or music do cars and trucks.

    The route is very hilly with many places lacking trail maps and adequate trail direction signage.


Excerpts from the trail's main web page:


    The Capital City State Trail is the link around and through Madison between the Military Ridge State Trail and, eventually, the Glacial Drumlin State Trail. The Capital City Trail's asphalt surface is good for bicycling, walking, jogging, and in-line skating

    About 17 miles of the Capital City Trail are completed now

  Capital Springs (E-Way) Segment

    Nine miles of the trail go through the scenic Capital Springs State Recreation Area (Dane County E-way) south of Madison between Verona Road and Industrial Drive near Nob Hill. It connects with the Military Ridge State Trail and with Madison's Southwest Path, part of Badger State Trail that eventually will go to the Illinois border.

    Anyone who bikes, skates, or roller-skis on this portion of the trail must have a state trail pass. State Trail passes for 2005 are available at kiosks at Verona Road and Industrial Drive Road

  City of Madison Segment

    In the City of Madison, the trail follows 7 miles of city bikeways from Industrial Drive near Nob Hill, under the Beltline Highway, along Lake Monona past the Convention Centre downtown, and through the east side of Madison. There is no fee for using the trail in the city.

  Fitchburg Segment

    The City of Fitchburg operates the 1-mile link along Verona Road to the Military Ridge Trail. There is no fee for this segment