Cycling Infrastructure - Eastern Ontario


As a prelude to the Wisconsin trip, I found myself in South-Eastern Ontario in June and cycling the Waterfront Trail. It was a good opportunity to start documenting the cycling facilities that have been implemented by various jurisdictions, from small villages to cities to rural municipalities.


The Waterfront Trail extends in Ontario from Niagara Falls, around Lake Ontario, to Kingston, and then continues on to the QUebec provincial line. On this trip, I cycled from Toronto to Prince Edward County, then to Kingston, and then back to Toronto over a week.


From a personal perspective, cycling facilities have been assessed for appeal to people for consider cycling for transportation, recognizing that people have various drives to cycle, skills in cycling, and attitudes to risk taking. The assessment utilizes the following model.


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Off-Road Paths        
City of Pickering

Off-Road Path on Major Arterial Road

Cycling eastward in Pickering through parks and quiet roads the trail came back to a major artery. Instead of taking cyclists on to the arterial street and cycle for a long block, an off-road bike path was installed on the south shoulder instead. Then, the Waterfront Trail headed south to the lakefront again on a quiet road.


Design will appeal to less confident, less skilled cyclists, and those that wish to cycle removed from motorized traffic.

Effectiveness will depend on intersection design and the degree that cyclists feel comfortable that motorists will see cyclists crossing road sufficient to bringing their vehicles to a stop.

Design adjacent to road should be an effective marketing tool promoting cycling to motorists as they drive by.


Off-Road Path on Quiet Residential Road



Toronto Off-Road Bike Path Adjacent to Major Arterial Urban Road    
Bike Path        
Pickering Extensive bike path system with centre line draws young cyclists    
Ajax Bike Path behind houses    
Bike Path Intersection Design    
Pickering Intersection design of Bike paths and cross roads    
Rural Cycling Facilities      
Rural - Highway #33 to Glenora Ferry past Picton in Prince Edward County Wide paved shoulders - 2 metres plus


Wide shoulder approximately 2 to 2,5 metres.

Space on shoulder allowing a separation between passing vehicles and cyclists will appeal to a more hesitant cyclists than would 1.5 metre wide shoulders.

Safety is increased with wider shoulders from wind effect of passing trucks and buses, cross and gusting winds.

Rural - Highway #33 in Prince Edward County Narrow paved shoulders - 1.5 metres or less    
Boarding a Ferry - Rural Highway #33 at Glenora Ferry east of Picton in Prince Edward County From Picton there was a 9 kilometre ride eastward to the Glenora ferry. Motorized vehicle queuing for the ferry started about 600 metres from the dock on a two way road. Cyclists were facilitated past the backed-up cars and trucks waiting for boarding on to a ferry with a marked bike lane on the shoulder side.    
Bike Lanes in Smaller and Major Urban Cities    
Kingston Bike lanes on select streets with no continuous and connected network throughout this university city.    
Toronto Bike Lane on Secondary Road - Beverley St.    
Toronto Bike Lane on Secondary Road - St George St    
Toronto Bike Lane on Secondary Road - St George St    
Toronto Bike Lane on Road with Streetcar - College St.    
Intersection Designs in Smaller and Major Urban Cities    
Kingston Intersection - Straight through bike lane between right turn lane and curb general traffic lane on a major artery    
Toronto Intersection - Off-Road Path on Shoulder of Major Urban Arterial Road    
Bike Lanes in Towns      
Village of Colborne XX sized town has bike lanes into town    
Town of Colbourg Bike lane on road with big box retailing    
Port Hope Bike lane over expressway bridge. Will newly repaved road leading to bridge have bike lanes? The road width is there. DIvider lines have been repainted but no bike lanes.    
Wide Paved Shoulders Leading into Town    
Town of Colbourg Wide paved shoulders lead you into town. There are no cycling facilities to lead you thorough town.    
Regional Trail    
Waterfront Trail Newer version of trail sign    
Bike Parking Facilities on the Street      
Pickering Post and Ring Bike Parking as part of the streetscape an furniture.    
Toronto Post and Ring Bike Parking Design - Locking instructions on ring    
Bike Signs      
Toronto Bike Route Signs    
Bike Lane Line      
Toronto Bike Lane Line - Double Width